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ARINDUM DRILLING Technologies P.Ltd. is promoted by people who were part of a group(SPARR) that pioneered serial manufacture of hydraulic top drive drills in India. From the year 1981, numerous drills for a variety of applications have been made, to the immense satisfaction of scores of customers. We are a performance oriented company, committed to producing outstanding products which makes life easier for drilling companies and improves their bottom line. With an exceptional team, we are committed to constantly improving our products and innovate consistently to give our partners an edge in their drilling jobs. We are committed to providing quality services, and put our customers first.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction, achieving excellence in our operations through continuous improvement, development and empowerment of our people and providing a positive contribution to our community.

We have many firsts to our credit;

  • First to popularize hydraulic top drive drills in India, subsequently copied by many and used till date as original design with minor variations.
  • First to make deep mud rotary, top drive hydraulic machine in India in the year 1990, with a capacity to drill 750 mtrs.
  • First to develop and manufacture in India reverse circulation sampling drills, along with r/c hammers and bits.

Besides the above major achievements, a number of smaller innovations to improve the drilling process have been implemented.

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