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Horizontal directional drills - Trench-less Directional Drilling Rig-58L

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HT-58Ltrench-less directional drilling rig adopts steel track. The machine is mounted on a diesel engine, a hydraulic crane, a mud pump, and a rotary head and convenient to move in urban areas. Hydraulic system adopts shut circuit for high efficiency and minimal operating force. This machine is used to pave the big long distance pipe.


  • The feed mechanism drives the gear-rack transmission.
  • The pushing and rotation adopt the shut circuit system, the two plunger motors with the planet box to provide high efficiency and minimal operating force.
  • Pushing structure is chained wheel mode to reduce bearing capacity of roller chain, increase drill rig’s pullback store, enhance safety factor, save 20kw engine power.
  • Comfortable driving cab and concentrated control tower make operation more conveniently.
  • Heavy-duty Hydraulic rotary power head adopts rock drill head. It can bear a larger impact load and it is more suitable for dry or wet drilling and improves lifetime in dry or wet drilling.
  • The carriage with rollers reduces the friction and improves the lifetime of extension guide.
  • Hydraulic auger anchor device saves labor force and increases efficiency.
  •  Exclusive slide drill frame provides a range of setup angles for varying jobsites requirement.
  • 2t hydraulic crane makes assemble and disassemble drill rods and drill tools more conveniently and flexibly and improves work efficiently.
  • Rotary power head is three Hydraulic motors, which synchronize to drive main shaft to make it run steadily, high rotary torque. Meantime, they match with pullback reasonably.
  • Optionally available patent products: Star Anti-sticking drill rod modules, drill rig hydraulic system achieve to alarm processing for anti-sticking drill rod, drill rig to drill in and dragged back to double dynamic monitoring, automatic protection before sticking to drill rod, automatically remove, automatically alarm to avoid breaking probe, breaking drill rod and other major incidents.
  • Optionally available system: mud mixing system.
  • The power station uses Cummins engine of America. And it is robust and reliable.
  • The diesel engine and main hydraulic parts (e.g. hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor, etc.) adopt imported products or famous domestic companies.
  •  It equipped with 100hours high energy cell in order to complete long distance drilling.
Specifications Unit 58 L
Diesel Engine Power Kw 265
Max. Spindle Torque Nm 32000
Max. Pullback Force kN 580
Max. Thrust Force kN 580
Spindle Speed rpm 0-60
Entry Drill Angle ° 0-17
Max. Mud Flow Rate L/min 500
Max. Fluid Pressure Mpa 10
Drill Rod(Dia.×Length) mm 89×4500(127×4500)
Feed Stroke mm 4500
Guide Extension mm 1200
Diameter Of Reamer mm 350-1200
Max. Paving Length m 300-1000
Rig Size(L×W×H) m 9.2×2.6×2.4
Weight kg 17800

List of Parts for HT-58L
No. Description  Item Code  Unit  Qty. Remarks 
1 Combination Rig  HT-58L  Nos.  1 265kw truck mounted Power Station
Drill Tools
2 89 Integral Drill Rod 89X4500mm Nos. 100   Drill Rod
3 Probe Box HT-TTH300 sets 1  
4 Skew Plate HT-ZXB002 Nos. 1  
5 Skew Plate HT-ZXB003 Nos. 2  
6 Adapter HT-278GJM238001 Nos. 1 Rotary Head
7 89 Long Extension Rod HT-89CJG002 Nos. 1 Rotary head
8 Extruding Reamer Bit HT-KKJ3500 Nos. 1 Ф360
9 Extruding Reamer Bit HT-KKJ4500 Nos. 1 Ф460
10 Extruding Reamer Bit HT-KKJ5500 Nos. 1 Ф560
11 Extruding Reamer Bit HT-KKJ6500 Nos. 1 Ф660
12 Extruding Reamer Bit HT-KKJ7500 Nos. 1 Ф760
13 Extruding Reamer Bit HT-KKJ8500 Nos. 1 Ф860
14 Extruding Reamer Bit HT-KKJ9500 Nos. 1 Ф960
15 Extruding Reamer Bit HT-KKJ10500 Nos. 1 Ф1060
16 Torque Divider HT-FDQ300 Nos. 1  
17 Pull Head HT-89GLT002 Nos. 1  
18 Water Seal   Nos. 2  
19 100hours high energy Buttery HT--D1 Nos. 1  
20 Jaw HT-25L-070011 Nos. 4  
21 Instruction  and  Accessory of the Motor   Nos. 1  
22 Instruction and Accessory of the Mud Pump   Nos. 1  
23 Instruction and Accessory of the Drilling Machine   Nos. 1  
Optional Equipments
24 Cutting Reamer Bit HT-KKQ3500 Nos. 1 Ф360
25 Cutting Reamer Bit HT-KKQ4500 Nos. 1 Ф460
26 Cutting Reamer Bit HT-KKQ5500 Nos. 1 Ф560
27 Cutting Reamer Bit HT-KKQ6500 Nos. 1 Ф660
28 Cutting Reamer Bit HT-KKQ7500 Nos. 1 Ф760
29 Cutting Reamer Bit HT-KKQ8500 Nos. 1 Ф860
30 Cutting Reamer Bit HT-KKQ9500 Nos. 1 Ф960
31 Cutting Reamer Bit HT-KKJQ1050 Nos. 1 Ф1060
32 Extruding Cleaning Bit HT-KKJQ3500 Nos. 1 Ф360
33 Extruding Cleaning Bit HT-KKJQ4500 Nos. 1 Ф460
34 Extruding Cleaning Bit HT-KKJQ5500 Nos. 1 Ф560
35 Extruding Cleaning Bit HT-KKJQ6500 Nos. 1 Ф660
36 Extruding Cleaning Bit HT-KKJQ7500 Nos. 1 Ф760
37 Extruding Cleaning Bit HT-KKJQ8500 Nos. 1 Ф860
38 Extruding Cleaning Bit HT-KKJQ9500 Nos.    1 Ф960
39  Extruding Cleaning Bit HT-KKJQ10500 Nos. 1 Ф1060
40  Pipeline Detector RD433HCTX-2  Nos.    1  
41  Rod Catcher HT-PE110  Nos.    1 Ф110PE
42  Rod Catcher HT-PG159 Nos.   1 Ф159 Steel Pipe
43  Rod Catcher HT-PG273 Nos.   1 Ф273 Steel Pipe
44  Rod Catcher HT-PG325 Nos.   1 Ф325 Steel Pipe
45  Rod Catcher HT-PG425  Nos.   1 Ф425 Steel Pipe
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